The lifestyle and investments here are protected by a comprehensive Code of Conduct which is designed to encourage harmonious relationships and cater for the diverse needs that arise in the estate.

The home ownerships are well balanced between permanent residents and those that fly in for the holidays.  Even in peak holiday season, the field remains a place of solitude and peace, ideal for busy executives and families to relax.

The majority of the estate is common property and treated as a greater nature reserve. The indigenous flora is guarded by a team of workers tasked to remove invader species and manicure the roadsides and the Runway.

Vineyards and an olive orchard add an air of sophistication and glamour along the northern boundary of the estate. Also on the northern boundary is our treasured ‘Sherwood Forest’, with an interesting and enchanting walking trail, rest areas and of course the birdlife ! If you need to get the Knysna Warbler, they are resident here!

An emphasis is placed on ecology. Many people have chosen to locate to the estate because of its wildlife and natural beauty.  The forest and fynbos consist of protected and valuable milkwoods, candlewoods and a host of other indigenous trees, It is a refuge for animals such as the bushbuck, wild pig, porcupine, honey badger and lynx (Rooikat). The coastal forest on the estate is the home of the impressive Jackall Buzzard and other endemic species such as the Black Cuckooshrike, Knysna Woodpecker and Fierynecked Nightjar. Click here for a comprehensive list of birds spotted on the field

The Homeowners Association is unyielding in their determination to maintain the highest level of security, Electrified fencing, CCTV surveillance and strictly controlled access as well as residents radio monitoring ensure the highest level of security.