We are excited to announce that St Francis Field is entering a new phase in its development. We emerge with renewed vigour, enthusiasm and a clear sense of direction. Owners can now rest easy, knowing that the very special sense of place for which they bought in to this "Gentlemen's Estate" will be upheld as we take our development forward.

The 23% of plots hitherto unsold by the developer have now been bought by a group of current home owners. The group will be looking at marketing the plots in line with the original development plan, to new like-minded residential home owners. Two of these stands have very recently been bought by two discerning local families and we welcome them into our community here at St Francis Field.

Up until now nineteen homes, all conforming to the distinctive Eastern Cape farmhouse architectural style which gives the estate its character and attraction, have been built. Our low density development is unique. Not many other estates in South Africa can boast a lifestyle experience such as this: being built in a private game reserve with superb views of the sea; a harbour nearby with excellent deep sea angling and yachting facilities; pristine beaches a stone's throw away, an aviation facility boasting the longest grassed runway in the Eastern Cape that is lit every night of the year; a lighthouse casting its welcome beam and a quaint village nearby catering for all needs. A myriad of outdoor activities are available to enthusiasts, these include two superb golf courses, world class surf spots and pristine hiking trails amongst the fynbos.

One of the challenges facing the new committee is to promote communication and public relations. This applies internally to members as well as externally to the community at large. Those who live on the Estate tend to be more up to date with news whereas the reality is that many of our members are plot owners and find themselves a bit out of the loop. We have several strategies in mind, one of them being this newsletter which we wish to circulate on a regular basis and distribute to the local community and estate agents. We will, of course, organise things like the annual fly-in which has met with great success in the past and plan to do more to promote ourselves in aviation circles. Perhaps a brochure and greater press exposure during the peak end-of-year holiday period would be appropriate.

Our new Website is a step in the right direction. This will initially cover a public section, members' section, guidelines for building, minutes of meetings and all matters that affect owners. Included on the site will be aviation information, as well as details of the natural environment and other items of interest. The site is currently in the process of being registered and will be online soon.

We appreciate that good marketing comes from within and word of mouth is a powerful tool. So please spread the word and promote this beautiful place! Any ideas from members would be most welcome.

In our next issue we plan to give insight into the new committee's future plans and vision for the Estate.

Bush Buck RamFor those who enjoy nature, there is an on-going debate amongst residents as to whether our electrified security fence is having a significant effect on the movement of animals in and out of our estate. Our northern, western and eastern borders are fully fenced and we enjoy a natural boundary of thick coastal dune vegetation to the south on the Cape St Francis side. We have recently seen quite a number of bushbuck and Gregg Darling managed to capture a beautiful ram on camera at dusk near the Salmon residence a few days ago (see photo). A local expert confirmed that it is a prime specimen in excellent condition boasting a horn length of approximately 12 inches. Its weight is estimated at between 45 and 50 kg.

Of some concern is that we have not spotted our normally active Lynx in the area. If anyone has seen it, please let us know. The ultimate would be to photograph it. We would like to keep a record of the wildlife on the estate.

Yellow-throated Woodland-WarblerA pleasant birding surprise was Gregg Darling's discovery of a Yellow-throated Woodland-Warbler on the northern boundary forest walk.

This photo was taken by Gregg in another area so now that you all know what it looks like, how about a competition for the first local photo? If you are in this area also look out for the Blue-mantled Crested-Flycatcher, quite rare for the area and a fascinating bird to watch fanning its tail whilst gleaning insects from the vegetation.

If you have any comments or input which will help to develop this newsletter into a more meaningful form of contact please let us know. We look forward to your comments, and if we have not already met you, to meeting you.

St Francis Field Homeowners Association Committee

Contact Cell: 082 6100 512